When on a mission to upgrade your home, it is easy to mention the different aspects of your home that you believe need to be improved. One common aspect is that a lot of homeowners seem to have varied tastes is in the colour and make of cabinets.

Another popular request that a lot of people have is for the addition of crown moulding on their ceiling to get a more regal feel to the space. These are all aspects that can take a home from boring to gorgeous in a matter of days. What a lot of people fail to think about is how on earth all these sophisticated shapes on the edges are made.

What is a shaper cutter?

They are made by use of a special cutter that is known as a shaper cutter. This is a special kind of bit that is used in woodworking. They are powerful and are used to create different shapes and profiles on the edges of the wood. This will then be used as joinery or for decorative purposes.

There are many different kinds of cutters that are used to shape wood. They are all different to increase flexibility for the carpenter. That means that one carpenter is likely to have a wide variety of shaper cutters in his shop.

The advantage of this is that it allows the carpenter greater flexibility when creating wood profiles for different clients. Since people inherently want unique and differentiated things, having a number of different profile cutters allows woodworkers the ability to meet different needs.

Benefits of using shaper cutters

There are several ways that a shaper cutter will allow the user to benefit. Many people, for instance, wonder how the use of a shaper is better in comparison to a router which also serves the same purpose. The shapers are powerful cutting tools and can save a lot of time. Since you can set up your shaper just once to get your desired shape, it is likely that you will save much more time compared to using a router that needs an adjustment a number of times.

Variety is also an important aspect of using a shaper. There are many shaper bits that you can easily add to your collection over time. This will allow for easier usage and a variety of outcomes. This expansion of ones skill is great for business and allows more flexibility in the creation of pieces.

It is commonplace to find a lot of noise in any woodworking station. This is a factor that a lot of machinery manufacturers are trying to minimize as the products improve. A shaper cutter is a great machine as it does not cause a lot of noise. This is always an additional benefit that we cannot overlook.

Overall, if your workshop does a lot of heavy duty work and you need machines that run for a long time, then you can consider getting a shaper cutter. A shaper cutter is a great addition to any woodworking space and you can increase your bits and vary the shapes and profiles as your clientele grows or as you increase the complexity of the different items that you intend to make.