A pre-mandatory rule to follow before purchasing a side chair is considering the size of the side chair revolving around the size of the sofa. Typically, the majority of side chairs are placed in the living room. Remember to consider purchasing a small side chair if you possess a large sofa as it will enlarge the living space and give it a rather elegant look, whereas accommodating a large side chair with a large sofa can make the room appear congested and cramped. Another critical aspect to bear in mind is to match the height of the side chair along with the relevant sofa to give off an equal and proportionate feel.


Determining a side chair based on various impending styles is limitless. A side chair can often be used as decorative furniture to display or match the style of the surrounding décor in the living space or room. It is recommended to purchase a rather versatile side chair which can be moved around easily according to different matching décor needs. Moreover, side chairs come in almost all shapes, trends and sizes. However, interior designer experts recommend determining a side chair matching equilibrium between modern and traditional outlooks.



Changing fabric in a side chair is a relatively easy and inexpensive method to tailor your décor needs than purchasing expensive fabric side chairs. Don’t hesitate or stick on to one fixed fabric based on traditional norms, instead tend to experiment with flamboyant colors and patterns which can add a sense of vibrant atmosphere in the room or living space.


Side chairs can often be made and composed of numerous materials. For example, popular materials used in the formulation of side chairs are metal, wood, leather, Lucite, acrylic, and gilt. Before blindly purchasing a side chair, tend to research on about the material used and how it matches your needs. For example, although metal chairs look fantastic, they are unfortunately uncomfortable to sit in, whereas a Lucite chair may look and feel fantastic, it is prone to fingerprint marks which as a result are visually unpleasing.



Side chairs can cost anywhere from a mere $20 in the flea market to over $1000 in luxurious outlets. Ensure you are satisfied on all levels and aspects of the chair before purchase, regardless of the price you spend on it.