Reee Classic Chair


Available spring 2008

Retail price (UK): £99.00

For homes, public buildings, offices, restaurants and schools.

The seat and back are made from 100% recycled computer games console casings. That’s it. The frame is made from powdercoated steel for strength and durability.

The Reee chair is designed for disassembly and further recycling. The modular design means it’s easily repaired or refurbished. Every chair makes a new home for 2.4kg of used plastic.

Designed by Sprout Design Ltd for Pli Design Ltd


Dimensions: W56 x H80 x D47 (cm)

Weight: 3 kg (frame 0.6 kg, seat & back 2.4 kg)


Every chair saves 2.4 kg of post-consumer plastic from landfill. The Reee chair is made from used games console casings – each chair uses about 9 console casings. The chair parts can be completely disassembled for repair or for further recycling.