About Us

Pli Design Ltd is an industrial design and manufacturing company that specialises in producing new furniture designs for domestic and contract markets, using sustainable materials and processes. Pli was founded in 2003 with the aim of establishing a centre of excellence in UK manufacturing for sustainable business practice and product development.

Pli’s current product range includes chairs, tables, benches and cabinets for a variety of markets. The common feature is that all Pli’s products are made with the most sustainable materials available, without sacrificing style, function or value. Pli collaborates with a tight network of design partners, manufacturing partners and material suppliers in order to bring affordable, attractive and sustainable designs to market.

Pli’s customers range from Fortune Global 500 corporations and large architectural projects to small businesses and private households. Pli’s founder, Christopher Pett, started the business by making and selling individual furniture pieces for private commissions, so Pli knows the importance of understanding and meeting every individual customer’s needs.

Pli’s products can be purchased through selected high-street furniture retailers, online eco-friendly product retailers and contract furniture suppliers. Pli has also developed a Sustainable Product Development consultancy based on its in-house project work which is available for other design and manufacturing companies to benefit from.

In the interest of sharing and building on its experience, Pli regularly presents its research and project results to academic and business seminars. Pli’s News and Inspiration blogs and Facebook group allow customers, collaborators and contemporaries to learn about the projects Pli is working on.