Empty the room

Although quite strange, it is imperative to empty the entire room consisting of all furniture and décor as it can be difficult to shape and imagine your new outlook of a room with the existing furniture lying around.

Determine on your focal point

The focal point is often described as the determining element in each room. The focal point can be anything eye-catching in the room such as a fireplace, unique sculpture, and artwork. It is critical to place your furniture according to the focal point in each room. The furniture should be arranged in such a manner to maximize the advantage of the focal point.

Place your most significant and essential piece of furniture

Living Room

  • This principle is applicable towards placing your most massive furniture such as the sofa in the living room, bed in the bedroom or the dining table in the dining room. It is imperative your place such significant furniture as no other décor will match if it isn’t placed correctly.
  • Make sure you are matching all factors in mind before placing such furniture in rooms. For example, if the kitchen is after the dining room, then it is recommended to avoid setting such a large table and chairs as it will be quite inconvenient to move in narrow spaces, considering the furniture will take ample amount of space, to eat a snack or drink a glass of water.
  • It is imperative you first predetermine the intention of the room such as for dining purposes, or living and accordingly place furniture in the room considering the availability of space.
  • Tend to place substantial furniture accordingly without blocking any entrances, windows, and doorways.

Use remaining furniture to enhance areas

  • Before placing the furniture of importance, tend to factor in the surrounding décor and place accordingly for a better outlook. You can set your essential furniture better by putting other minor furniture out of the way or room. Avoid placing small artworks on blank, massive walls and small chairs to large sofa sets.
  • Invest in placing a large rug instead of a small one, as larger rugs tend to depict a larger outlook within the living space or room. When placing the carpet, tend to put it under the furniture for a better elegant look.
  • Remember to place the coffee tables in the living room with a minimum distance of length from the sofa as that the legs don’t smash or come in contact with the table when being seated and cause a sense of inconvenience.
  • Do not forget to enhance the ambiance of the room by adding and highlighting the décor and furniture with favorable lighting.