The family table, whether perfect and unblemished or marked by the ravages of family life, at some stage may be covered by a cloth.

And, like many other people, you’ll probably want to know just how to stop a tablecloth from slipping.

Here are five helpful ideas that you might wish to consider:

1 – Use Tablecloth Weights

Amongst the simplest and cheapest of the remedies, this is limited only by your imagination. What do you have to hand in the way of large vases, bowls or ornaments that would look good as a centre piece? Some people have used stones and rocks, ceramic urns, log slices etc. Of course, aside from being heavy enough, it needs to compliment the rest of your decor. If you do choose this method, please remember to place some kind of protective mat beneath the object, especially if you fall into the first category above!

2 – Use a Non slip table protector

By far the best all-round solution is to use a non slip table protector. This product not only ensures that the tablecloth stays firmly in place, it provides excellent protection from spills and heat. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes, and although they are not as cheap as some of the other ideas they do offer an effective solution – along with other benefits.

3 – Tie the corners of the tablecloth

Once again, this method should not prove to be too costly. A small length of good quality ribbon or cord tied neatly at the corners should keep the cloth in place and could well add a special touch. The issue with this is that you won’t be able to tie it too tight without it looking odd, meaning that there may be a small amount of ‘play’. If your table is highly polished it could mean that your cloth will possibly still slide a little.

One remedy could be to tack a small Velcro strip, ribbon or cord on the underside of the cloth, allowing for a better fitting around the table leg – depending, of course, on the thickness and style of the table.

4 – Use Double-sided tape

Some people have found that a good double-sided tape, such as that used to keep rugs in place, can be very effective. The thing to keep in mind here is firstly that the tape will lose its stickiness over time with repeated removal of the cloth, but possibly, and more importantly, the adhesive could well leave a mark. Perhaps one to avoid if your table is a family heirloom!

5 – Use Table Clips

Available in a range of styles and materials, these are another cheap solution. However, the less you spend, the less attractive they tend to be. Some are very basic in design, made from plastic. Others, often in stainless steel, come in a variety of themes such as anchors, leaves or hands, clasping the cloth. These can look quite appealing, but thought needs to be given to the spacing as some examples do extend quite low, leading to the danger of them catching on diners’ legs.